Spy Thrillers: Condor & 10 Other Top Box Sets To Stream Right Now

Paranoid thriller Condor follows Joe Turner (Max Irons) a millennial CIA analyst who discovers everyone in his office is dead. Are millions of other lives also at stake? 

Spy Thrillers: Condor & 10 Other Box Sets To Stream Right Now

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Paranoid thriller Condor follows Joe Turner (Max Irons) a millennial CIA analyst who discovers everyone in his office is dead. Are millions of other lives also at stake? 

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The series is a thrilling take on James Grady's novel Six Days of the Condor and, with Condor, Season Two burrowing deeper into truth, lies, and deception, SPYSCAPE runs down 10 top ‘drop everything’ box sets for fans of the spy genre.

Messiah spy series

Messiah (2020) 

CIA officer Eva Geller (Michelle Monaghan) is on a high-stakes mission to find out if a ‘Messiah’ is a divine entity or a con artist. Her journey questions her to reevaluate her own spiritual convictions. (Netflix)


Traitors (2019)

Traitors is the story of a young English woman (Emma Appleton) who helps an American agent root out Russian infiltration of the British government at the end of World War II. It poses the age-old question: Can anyone really be trusted in the spying game? (Netflix, Apple TV, Prime Video, GooglePlay, YouTube)

Alex Rider

Alex Rider (2020 - )

Teenager Alex Rider (Otto Farrant) is recruited by British spy agency MI6 to infiltrate schools and other places older spies can’t easily access. He soon discovers his uncle has been surreptitiously training him to become a secret agent since his parents’ untimely death. (IMDb TV

The Little Drummer Girl

The Little Drummer Girl (2018)

Charlie (Florence Pugh) is ab English actress recruited by Mossad to infiltrate an assassin's terrorist cell. But is she being recruited to become a spy or a terrorist? (GooglePlay, YouTube, Prime Video) 



Deutschland 83-89 (2015-2020)

Reluctant East German border guard Martin Rauch (Jonas Nay) is sent to West Germany in 1983 to spy on Major General Edel’s team. His aunt Leonora - brilliantly played by Maria Schrader - is one of his Stasi handlers. As Deutschland unfolds over the three series, the Berlin Wall comes tumbling down and old loyalties are tested. (Prime Video, Apple TV, Google Play, SKY TV in the UK) 

Le Bureau

The Bureau/Le Bureau des Légendes (2015 - ) 

French undercover agent Guillaume Debailly, codename ‘Malotru’, is recalled to Paris after six years in Damascus and struggles to reconnect with his old life - made more difficult when his Syrian lover Nadia shows up. The Bureau is based on stories by former French spies and centers around the Bureau of Legends who train deep-cover agents to use false identities. (French with English subtitles. Prime Video.)

Russian tv series

The Optimists (2017)

With its 1960's Mad Men vibe, Russian spy series The Optimists shines a light on the Nikita Khrushchev-era Cold War years starting in 1959 when Khrushchev served as the First Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and as chair of the Council of Ministers. The series stars Yuriy Maslak. (Russian language, English subtitles. Prime Video)

Spy City tv series

Spy City (2019 - 2020)

In Spy City, an English spy (Dominic Cooper) is sent to Berlin, Germany in 1961 to find a traitor in the UK Embassy or among the Allies, shortly before the construction of the Berlin Wall. (Prime Video, BritBox)

Hanna - TV spy series

Hanna (2019-2021) 

Highly trained female assassins - and one very skilled ex-CIA operative - prove women aren’t just as capable as men when it comes to spy thrillers, they may even be better. Women steal the show in Hanna, Season Three. (Prime Video) 

Spanish thriller Tell Me Who I Am

Tell Me Who I Am (2020-21)

Spanish thriller Tell Me Who I Am examines the 20th century European conflicts through the eyes of a socialist-turned-wartime spy. Gritty and glamorous, the series flips between past and present. Irene Escolar stars as Amelia Garayoa. (Apple TV, Netflix in some countries)


Al Pacino

Spy fans are spoiled for choice with plenty of other espionage series, so (if you haven't already) you may want to also check out: The Hunters (2020 - ) with Al Pacino; Covert Affairs (2010-2014); Mr Robot (2015-2019); The Americans (2013-2018); Jack Ryan (2018 - ); and Burn Notice (2007-2013). (Hulu, Vudu, GooglePlay, YouTube, Prime Video, Apple TV).

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