What we do

We use intriguing and entertaining stories & experiences, based upon secrets, to inspire ordinary people to do extraordinary things.

Why secrets?

Because secrets provide fascinating stories, in fact and fiction. We use those stories to illuminate how the world works, and to explain the valuable 'secret intelligence skills' we all possess: including analysis and empathy, creativity and perception.

Our experts

We work with leaders across many diverse fields: from top psychologists and a former Head of Training at British Intelligence, to actors, composers, designers, filmmakers, fine artists, hackers, investigative journalists, musicians, spies & technologists!

Our locations

Our physical HQ is the #1 rated museum & experience in New York City. It's a stunning 70,000 square foot space, designed by Sir David Adjaye. Our digital HQ is our studio in London, where we design and build most of our content and experiences.

Our team

We're always seeking new colleagues who are analytical, creative, dedicated and entrepreneurial - if that sounds like you, please join us!

“a wonderfully creative, interactive, and stimulating experience that imparts tremendous insights into the conduct of spy craft and intelligence operations.” 

General David Petraeus (US Army, Ret.),  former Director of the CIA. Former commander of the Surge in Iraq, US Central Command, and coalition forces in Afghanistan.