Discover your own skills and potential


Discover YOUR skills and potential

What's YOUR spy profile?

It's a brand new way to discover your skills and potential.

Only available at SPYSCAPE, your spy profile highlights your individual attributes, reveals your ideal spy role and introduces real and fictional spies with a profile like yours - inspiring you to put your own spy skills to work.

It's FREE when you visit SPYSCAPE. And, because it's created with the expertise of top psychologists and a former Head of Training at British Intelligence, it's authentic.

Why does it matter?

Because it's your starting point for a lifelong mission to develop and use your spy skills in everyday life.

We all have spy skills - from agility, empathy and risk tolerance to leadership, observation and perception. These skills allow ordinary people to do extraordinary things: that's how intelligence agencies train recruits

It's FREE and it's fun?

Yes! Thats the best part. You and your family, friends and colleagues will enjoy epic spy stories, incredible gadgets authentic challenge then get your profiles totally FREE!

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*Find out more about our research and profile methodology here.


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