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Secretly, spies are just like us - ordinary people doing extraordinary things. We all have valuable spy skills - from empathy & perception to agility & strategy. Your mission is to use yours!

You can experience the full set of immersive spy challenges at our HQ in New York City or try a set of 8 skills tests online now for FREE.

These FREE online skills tests will give you a genuine insight into your own spy skills, and help you start to use them every day.

* Developed by a former Head of Training at British Intelligence, with top industrial psychologists.


The 8 online skills tests will tell you which spy role you’re best suited to. There are 10 major spy roles from Agent Handler to Hacker, and from Special Ops to Spycatcher. There is no hierarchy - each spy role requires a different mix of skills - no role is better than another. We will introduce you to real and fictional spies who share your role, and tell you about their typical missions: inspiring you to put your spy skills to work!

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After you complete the FREE tests online now you you will get a detailed profile of your attributes. You can share your results with friends to show them your spy skills and your spy role.

Then, visit our HQ in New York City for the full set of immersive spy challenges. These will give you a more complete and accurate picture of your spy skills, plus great graphics, photos and videos to share with your friends & colleagues.


You can invite your friends and colleagues to join you at our HQ in New York City, or to take the FREE tests online now.

Either way, you can compare skills and see who fits which spy role best - and discover how many of you it would take to put together the perfect team for any spy mission!

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