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Secretly, spies are just like us - ordinary people doing extraordinary things. We all have valuable spy skills - from empathy and perception to agility and strategy. Your mission is to start using yours!

You can identify your own unique mix of skills and attributes, and discover which Spy Role* you're best suited to, online now for FREE.

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* Built by a former Head of Training at British Intelligence.


From Agent Handler to Hacker, and from Special Ops to Spycatcher, each Spy Role requires a different mix of skills and attributes - no role is better than another.

Your results will highlight your personality and preferences. How comfortable are you with risk? How analytical, empathic or perceptive are you? Would you lie to your colleagues to save your country?

When you visit our Museum and Experience in New York City you can develop richer results, as you encounter amazing real life spy stories and gadgets, and experience our immersive Spy Challenges.

Once you discover your Spy Role we'll introduce you to real and fictional spies who share your role, and illuminate their missions: inspiring you to put your own spy skills to work!

Discover your Spy Role online now for FREE!

2. SHARE, INVite & Compare

You can invite friends and colleagues to discover their Spy Roles online now for FREE. Once done, we make it easy to compare results and see how you stack up on a range of attributes from risk-tolerance to core personality traits.

If you invite friends and colleagues to visit our Museum and Experience in New York City with you, you can compare in real time: who shows agility and strategy in the laser maze; who's a natural at lie-ing or detecting lies; who has the perception skills to ace a surveillance mission, and who are the natural gamers and puzzle solvers that can make and break codes?


We have a global network of top hackers, spies and storytellers who provide us with valuable articles, books, films, games, podcasts, puzzles, videos and more which you can use to sharpen your skills.

You'll find many of these resources for FREE in our I SPY, section, while our Events section offers opportunities to join us for spy movie premieres, and to meet authors, filmmakers, hackers and spies.

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Find your Spy Role online now and illuminate your own unique mix of skills and attributes.



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Develop your hacking and spying skills, and meet top authors, filmmakers, hackers and spies.

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Discover your Spy Role online now for FREE, or visit our Museum and Experience in New York City.