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The SPYSCAPE experience is all about you.

After your visit to SPYSCAPE you'll receive a detailed profile created with a former Head of Training at British Intelligence.

Your profile highlights your skills and attributes, reveals your ideal spy role and introduces real and fictional spies with a profile like yours - inspiring you to put your skills to work in your everyday life.

Your profile is incredibly valuable self-knowledge that you get for FREE!

Why Does It Matter?

We all have spy skills - from agility, empathy and risk tolerance to leadership, observation and perception. These skills allow ordinary people to do extraordinary things: that's how intelligence agencies like America's CIA, Russia's KGB, Israel's Mossad and Britain's SIS (aka Mi6) train their recruits.

It's FREE & It's fun?

Yes! Thats the best part. You and your family, friends and colleagues will enjoy epic spy stories, incredible gadgets and authentic spy challenges then get your profiles totally FREE!

The Academic Stuff...

Dive deeper into the background research and methodology on profiles here.

Ready To Get Started?

You can get a small taste of developing your own profile online now for free. It doesn’t include the major spy challenges that you will find in the main experience but it will get you started!

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