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NYC's #1 Rated Museum & Experience

Went in a sceptic. Left exhilarated. Mind-blown. Best. Hangout. Ever!
Headquarters of our cultural fascination with the art of deception.
New York Times
A wonderfully creative, interactive, and stimulating experience that imparts tremendous insights...
General David Petraeus, Former Director, CIA
Simply Amazing! Run, don't walk to this location. I will definitely go back!
Genesis Martinez-Riveros
My daughter and I loved this! So fun!
Spy education, gaming and museum! I love it
Carmen M
I went to SPYSCAPE with my boyfriend a few weekends ago and had SO much fun! It's such a cool experience!
Ashka V
Spyscape is by far the most interactive and interesting museum in NYC!
Stella Osita
As a wheelchair user, this was a very accessible and great experience for me!
Laura May
A fun and impressive day out
CNN Travel


Uncover Your Hidden Powers

Dive into a rich immersive world of secrets and spies and get an authentic 40-page profile of your own skills and attributes developed by MI6 psychologists.

Tackle fun interactive spy challenges designed by MI6 trainers, including lie detection, code-breaking, surveillance, and laser dodging.

Get close to rare original spy artifacts like the infamous German Enigma machine, plus iconic gadgets from fiction like James Bond's DB5.

Explore amazing real spy stories from FBI traitor Robert Hanssen to the legendary 'limping lady' Virginia Hall and contemporary hacking groups.

Your personalized Debrief will leave you with an inspiring review of your activities at SPY HQ and an authentic detailed profile of your own hidden powers!

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SPY HQ - VIP Flexpass

SPY HQ - VIP Flexpass
From $72 Child, $79 Adult
Uncover your hidden powers.
  • SPY HQ experience & museum (does not include SPYGAMES)
  • For adults and teens, but suitable for ages 8+
  • Skip the line immediate access
  • Premium SPYSCAPE baseball cap
  • Individual spy role bracelet
  • Personal profile developed with MI6 experts
  • Buy online to avoid $5 onsite fee
  • Find out more

Note: Please allow 1-2 hours for your experience

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SPY HQ - Standard

SPY HQ - Standard
From $37 Child, $44 Adult
"Your Mission: Impossible fantasy" CNN

Explore your hidden powers at NYC's #1 rated museum & experience

  • SPY HQ experience & museum (does not include SPYGAMES)
  • Fixed entry times
  • Free spy role gift
  • Personal profile developed with MI6 experts
  • Buy online to avoid $5 onsite fee
  • Find out more

Note: Please allow 1-2 hours for your experience

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All Access Pass

All Access Pass
From $47 Child, $54 Adult
Access both of our immersive experiences
  • SPY HQ Museum & Experience
  • SPYGAMES Experience
  • Skip the line immediate access
  • Individual spy role bracelet
  • Personal profile developed with MI6 experts
  • Buy online to avoid $5 onsite fee‍

Please allow 2-3 hours for your visit

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SPY HQ - Birthday Parties

SPY HQ - Birthday Parties
$67 per person ($1,000 minimum)
The PERFECT Kids Party Event
  • SPY HQ experience & museum (does not include SPYGAMES)
  • Private event space
  • Dedicated support staff
  • Priority ‘skip the line’ access for Laser Tunnels
  • Personal profiles developed with MI6 experts
  • SPYSCAPE party favors for each guest
  • Special gifts for the Birthday VIP
  • Paper plates, cups, napkins and utensils

Note: Food & beverage not included; You are welcome to bring your own. Please allow two hours for your experience.

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SPY HQ - Dates

SPY HQ - Dates
$79 For Two Adults
"So who are you really dating?" - Time Out

A fun dating mission at NYC's #1 rated experience

  • SPY HQ experience & museum (does not include SPYGAMES)
  • Weekdays only
  • Free spy role bracelets
  • Personal profile developed with MI6 experts
  • Buy online to avoid $5 onsite fee

Note: Please allow 1-2 hours for your experience

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SPY HQ - Girls Night

SPY HQ - Girls Night
From $49 Adult
Develop Your Powers Of Perception!

Dive into the shadowy world of secrets and spies at  NYC's #1-rated experience:

  • SPY HQ experience & museum (does not include SPYGAMES)
  • 'Detecting Deception' video session by interrogation expert Lena Sisco
  • Tasty treats and non-alcoholic drinks
  • Commemorative 'Girls Night' bracelet
  • Personal profile developed with MI6 experts
  • Find out more

Note: Please arrive promptly for your reservation time and allow 2 hours for your experience

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SPY HQ - Team Building

SPY HQ - Team Building
$100 per person ($1,500 minimum)
Get your team together now!
  • Actionable insights from senior trainers at CIA and MI6
  • Uncover hidden powers of each team member
  • Detailed skills and personality assessments for all
  • Learn how to communicate & collaborate
  • SPY HQ experience & museum (does not include SPYGAMES)
  • Exclusive use of meeting space for Debrief Workshop
  • Snacks, refreshments and free gifts for all
  • Find out more

Note: Please allow 3 hours for your experience

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SPY HQ - Gift Pass

SPY HQ - Gift Pass
From $49
Give a SPY HQ Gift Pass
  • Give them the gift of experience and self-discovery
  • They can schedule their visit whenever they like
  • They can add tickets for friends later if they'd like
  • They'll dive into the world of secrets for 1-2 hours
  • They'll remember the experience and your gift forever!
  • Mission: Accomplished!
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Plan Your Visit

New York City
928 8th Ave, New York
NY 10019, USA
Opening Hours
Opening Hours
10:00 AM - 10:00 PM

10:00 AM - 8:00 PM

LAST ENTRY: 90 mins before closing
Visit Info

Getting Here


M20, M104 Northbound to 8th Ave W 52nd Street M20 Southbound to 7th Ave W 55th Street M7, M104, Southbound to 7th Ave W 54th Street


C, E to 50th St Subway Station
A, C, B, D to 59th St Columbus Circle
N, Q, R, W to 57th St Subway Station


There are three parking garages close:
300 W 55th Street
241 W 55th Street
230 W 55th Street


Does my SPY HQ entry ticket get me access to SPYGAMES?

No - these are separate experiences and tickets to each are sold separately.

How long does the entire experience last?

The SPY HQ experience typically takes people 1 to 2 hours to complete.

What is your cancellation policy?

Tickets are non-transferable, non-refundable, and non-exchangeable. In the event of an unscheduled closure, visitors whose reservations have been affected can reschedule at no additional cost - see above.

Is the experience competitive?

The SPY HQ experience is not competitive. Its purpose is to provide an insightful and inspiring assessment of each individual participant’s skills and attributes.

Is the experience customized?

Yea. Each participant’s responses and reactions are unique, every team member’s detailed personal profile will reflect their individual choices, scores, skills and attributes.

Do you provide storage/lockers?

Yes. All backpacks and bags are required to be stored in lockers. Please limit the number and size of the items you bring. Storage lockers are 12” x 20” x 24”. Items that are too large for the lockers will not be permitted inside SPYSCAPE. Lockers are available free of charge.

Is SPY HQ the experience

Yes. All entrances, galleries, retail spaces, and restrooms are accessible via wheelchair and walker.

Are there any food or beverage facilities available on site?

Yes. You can purchase bottled water on site, but no food.

What is the nearest subway station?

SPY HQ is located within five minutes walking distance of: 50 St, 7 Av, 57 St-7 Av, and 59 St-Columbus Circle.

Is the experience suitable for all ages?

All SPYSCAPE experiences are designed for adults and teens but can also be enjoyed by people aged 8+.

Is photography allowed?

Yes. Photography is allowed inside the SPY HQ experience but not currently in the SPYGAMES experience. Please tag @spyscape on Instagram, Facebook, and X if you post!

Can I reschedule my booking?

Yes. The easiest way is to click the reschedule link at the bottom of your booking confirmation email. If you cannot find that link you can email with full details of your booking.

How many people can I book for?

You can book online for up to 20 participants. If you’d like to book a larger group, please use our inquiry form to receive space and cost options.