uncover your spy superpowers

At our world-class museum & experience you'll dive into the real world of secrets, meet the greatest spies, discover extraordinary gadgets, face authentic challenges and get a personalized profile from the former Head of Training at MI6.

In our new Batman experience you'll become the key actor in a real-time interactive adventure with iconic DC characters in a Gotham City mystery that plays out in the real world around you.

Our articles, puzzles and podcasts continue the mission: you'll never look at the world, or yourself, the same way again!


GOTHAM NEEDS YOU! Top scientists are missing and the world is in upheaval. BATMAN needs your help to solve the kidnappings. Your adventure plays out in the physical world enhanced by a mobile app - making you a central character in the action as you gather intel and communicate with some of Gotham City’s regulars.



Your SPYCHOLOGY profile is an authentic and detailed (c.30 pages) dive into your personality, attributes, skills and potential - developed by a former Head of Training at British Intelligence (MI6). Part of our SPYCHOLOGY program is available online for $29.95, but the full program is included FREE for visitors to SPYSCAPE HQ.



Our high-tech museum showcases a world-class collection of gadgets with stories and experiences that bring them to life. From Enigma machines and a U2 spy plane camera to Edward Snowden's telepresence robot, micro-bugging devices and the virus the US & Israel used to attack Iran's nuclear program. Designed by architecture gold medalist Sir David Adjaye, many visitors say it's the best museum ever!

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Real hackers and spies helped us create the coolest shop in town - you won't find this selection anywhere else. We have gadgets, games and gifts to stimulate your superpowers and satisfy even the pickiest of special agents and superheroes. We have hundreds of own-brand products plus a carefully curated selection of 3rd party products.



We believe there's a superhero in each of us. Our True Superheroes program celebrates people who've overcome adversity, made amazing contributions to society, and inspired others to do the same. Nominate your True Superhero now.



You can hire spaces at SPYSCAPE HQ in New York City for private events. Designed by superstar architect Sir David Adjaye this is New York City's most glamorous high-tech venue. From affordable team outing and birthday party packages to custom productions for hundreds of guests, we've got you!



Spies, superheroes and storytellers inspire you to develop your superpowers. Hosted by superstars including Oscar nominee Vanessa Kirby (The Crown, Mission: Impossible, Pieces of a Woman), Hayley Atwell (Captain America, Cinderella, Mission: Impossible), Elizabeth Hurley (Austin Powers, Bedazzled, Wonder Woman) and three time BAFTA winner Rory Bremner.


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