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"Like a scene out of 'Mission: Impossible.'”
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“Headquarters of our cultural fascination with the art of deception.“

james bond

Opens March 8th 

Discover 007 from a different perspective. This multi-sensory exhibition and experience explores the creative process behind the 007 movies.

Limited tickets are on sale now!

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Secretly, spies are just like us and spyscape is all about you...

Photo of SPYSCAPE headquarters

SPYSCAPE is a fun and fascinating journey into the world of secret intelligence, but it's also a unique opportunity to learn about yourself - to discover your Spy Role and receive your personal Spy Profile*.

* Developed by top psychologists and a former Head of Training at British Intelligence.

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Your immersive introduction to the world of spying — find out why you matter to corporations, hackers, and governments, and why your mobile phone is the most powerful spy device of all.

Photo of SPYSCAPE exhibit on encryption


Meet the Cryptologists who hacked the Enigma. See a real Enigma and tap out messages on a perfect replica.

Try your hand at coding and decoding messages in our Encryption Challenge.

Gif of morse code
Photo of SPYSCAPE deception exhibit


Could you live a lie? The most damaging spy in FBI history sold secrets to the Russians for 22 years. Meet the young Spycatcher who brought him down.

See how good you are at lie detection, and lying, in our Deception Challenge.

Photo of spy graffiti
Photo of surveillance cameras
Photo of SPYSCAPE surveillance exhibit


Who's watching who? Do governments and corporations strike the right balance between privacy & security?

Test your observation and perception skills in our 360° Surveillance Challenge.

Photo of surveillance camera
Photo of hacking decorative icons
Photo of Anonymous hacker masks


Who's hacking who? Meet the teenager who hacked the CIA, and the hacking groups trying to change our political landscapes, then see the first weapon made entirely form code.

Learn how to protect yourself online and meet our hackers at the Hacking Bar.

Photo of anonymous hacker mask
Photo of decorative spec ops particles
Photo of SPYSCAPE laser tunnel

Special Ops

Meet the female Special Ops Officer who spent years undercover to sabotage Hitler’s war machine.

Meet the real “Q” who inspired the James Bond character - and encounter amazing spy gadgets.

Test your strategy and agility in our Special Ops laser tunnels.

Gif of medal
Photo of decorative target patterns
Photo of top secret spy


This is where it all comes together. Meet Oleg Penkovsky, “the spy who saved the world” - the secrets he revealed helped avert World War III. Dedicated intelligence Analysts made sense of Penkovsky’s material so that President Kennedy could make a potentially world-saving decision.

Gif of hands shaking between US and Soviet Union


Discover your Spy Role and trigger your personalized Spy Profile - developed by top psychologists and a former Head of Training at British Intelligence.

Find more about Spy Profiles here and buy tickets to SPYSCAPE here.

Photo of decorative plus icon pattern
AGENT Handler
Special Ops Officer
Surveillance Officer
Intelligence Analyst
Technical Ops Officer
Intelligence Operative

Tell friends. Bring family. Grab colleagues.
"The most exciting venue in NYC"

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Missions & martini's - Saturday June 9th Only

Nights at SPYSCAPE belong to spies like you. Grab your friends, along with drinks at our bar, and experience the world of espionage as a VIP.

Your VIP ticket includes:

  • Complimentary first drink
  • Delicious bar snacks
  • Exclusive access to SPYSCAPE under the cover of darkness (when spies do their best work)

Bar open 6 - 10 p.m., last entry 8 p.m.

21 & over - ID required. 

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"You can actually see how you’d measure up to 007."
“Spyscape is the first of its kind. Full of world-class artifacts and spy challenges.”
”Time to bring those James Bond fantasies to life.”

nO ordinary museum

Large groups, best friends, and daring adventurers come to SPYSCAPE to discover their inner spy. Bring everyone you care about, and collaborate in authentic spy experiences.


Authentic spy challenges will test your Spy Skills and reveal your Spy Role.


Amazing Spy Stories and artifacts will help you to see the world more clearly.


Your personalised Spy Profile will inspire you to see your own potential.

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Get 20% off your tickets by entering "SPYONLINE" upon checkout