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NYC's #1 rated museum & experience is introducing a brand new social experience: SPYGAMES!

SPYGAMES is a fun social experience for 2-5 players where you’ll jump, climb, throw and dodge in challenges developed with CIA experts to stretch your physical and mental agility.

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At SPY HQ you’ll explore hidden worlds, break codes, run surveillance and spot liars - while a system developed with MI6 experts reveals your personal spy role and profile.

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World-Class Collection
Our high-tech museum showcases extraordinary gadgets with stories and experiences that bring them to life. From Enigma machines and a U2 spy plane camera to Edward Snowden's telepresence robot, micro-bugging devices and the virus the US & Israel used to attack Iran's nuclear program. Many visitors say it's their favorite museum ever!

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Animal Farm

Own a Piece of Spy Movie History
Shop our collection of rare artworks from Animal Farm, the animated classic secretly funded by the CIA. These rare works from the SPYSCAPE Archives were acquired directly from the filmmakers and represent an extraordinary moment when art, politics, and espionage collided.

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Unique & Exclusive Products
Real hackers and spies helped us create a selection you won't find anywhere else. We have gadgets, games and gifts to satisfy even the pickiest spies and superheroes, including exclusive SPYSCAPE brand merchandise and a fabulous collection of the latest cool products.

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Groups & Events

Exceptional, personalized, group activities
With immersive interactive experiences and instant event customization and branding SPYSCAPE is the perfect venue! From corporate events to birthdays and bar mitzvahs, from holiday parties to elegant dinners.

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Get a detailed personal profile from a Head of Training at MI6 and top psychologists now. Your full profile is only available at SPYHQ in New York City, but you can try the personality element online now.

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Insider Secrets
We offer multiple podcasts. Our shows feature noted experts in their fields and superstar hosts. We explore real world spy missions, secret stories behind famous places and objects, and much more.

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Inspiring Newsletters
We publish two free weekly newsletters: Six Secrets spans culture and society from real-world espionage to must-watch spy movies and series; AI Secrets keeps you up-to-date on the rapidly changing world of artificial intelligence.

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