Developed with top psychologists and a former Head of Training at British Intelligence, these games and exercises will give you a detailed assessment of your secret intel skills and inspire you to use them.

Your profile will provide insights into your risk-tolerance, personality and problem solving skills. You can can compare your results with family, friends and colleagues.

You'll also discover which spy role you're best suited to - and meet the real and fictional spies with skills and roles that match yours.
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Agent Handler. Hacker. Special Ops. Spycatcher. Each of the ten archetypal spy roles requires a different mix of skills - which do you have?

Could you lie to your friends & family to save your country? How comfortable are you with risk? How analytical, empathic or perceptive are you?

Your results will illuminate your skills and potential.
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Invite friends and colleagues to discover their skills online now. We make it easy to compare with others on a range of skills and attributes.

And if others join you at our HQ museum and experience in New York City, they'll discover in real time: who shows agility and strategy in the laser maze; who's a natural with a lie detector; who has the perception skills to ace a surveillance mission, and who are the puzzle solvers that can make and break codes?

Develop Your Skills

Our network of hackers, spies & storytellers provide articles, games, podcasts, puzzles & videos you can use to sharpen your skills. You'll find these resources in our TRADECRAFT section.

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Discover Your Skills
Try tests and games online now to explore your own skills and potential.
Share, Invite & Compare
Share and compare your results and profile with family, friends and colleagues.
Develop Your Skills
Develop your skills with tips from our top hackers, spies and storytellers.

The Academic Stuff

Dive into the research and methodology behind the tests

Your Skills

Discover your skills online now, or visit our HQ museum and experience in New York City.