Developed with a former Head of Training at British Intelligence, this program gives you insights into your skills, personality, and potential.

Your bespoke fifty page SPYCHOLOGY dossier explains your skills and personality, with comparisons to others including famous spies from fact and fiction, and should inspire you to develop your skills and put them to good use.
While mainstream skills and personality tests from Hogan to Johnson O’Connor are priced from $150 to $600, SPYCHOLOGY is priced at just $20, with the option to also receive a luxurious hardback printed version of your dossier for a further $20 (plus shipping).

Introductory Offer - $9.95

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Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to unlock your potential in this thrilling journey of self-development. Authentic assessments reveal your special skills and attributes: from risk-tolerance and conscientiousness, to sociability, inquisitiveness and composure.

SPYCHOLOGY was developed with leading psychologists and a former Head of Training at British Intelligence. The exercises are based on years of scientific research.

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Your role

Uncover which of ten archetypal spy roles suits you best. A calculating Cryptologist? A charismatic Agent Handler? A politically-savvy Spymaster? Each role requires a different mix of skills. How comfortable are you with risk? How analytical, empathic or perceptive are you? Would you lie to your friends & family to save your country?

Discover real and fictional spies with skills and attributes like yours. Find out if you’re more Bond or Bourne...

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Share, invite & Compare

Share your scores and spy role via social media, and invite others to compare their skills and attributes with you. Who are the risk takers? Who's cool, calm, and collected?

Note: At our HQ in New York City, you'll discover in real time who shows agility and strategy in the laser maze; who's a natural lie detector; who has the perception skills to ace a surveillance mission; and who are the puzzle solvers that can make and break codes?

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And there's more

Your profile is just the beginning.

Our network of hackers, spies, and storytellers will provide you with a curated feed of articles, puzzles, podcasts & videos to help sharpen your skills.

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How It Works

Reveal your personality and potential through professional-grade tests and challenges.
Enhance your abilities with insights from our hackers, spies, and storytellers.
Show friends family, and colleagues your results and invite them into the fold.

Introductory Offer - $9.95