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Explore your skills in immersive spy challenges designed by a former Head of Training at British Intelligence to highlight your superpowers - from empathy and analysis to agility and strategy. Then receive your detailed profile - to inspire you to develop your inner superhero!

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your Briefing

Step into our Briefing Zone - your gateway to the murky world of secret intelligence. In this immersive audio-visual experience, you'll discover how hackers, corporations and governments seek valuable knowledge - and you'll be transported, mentally and physically, to the start of our exciting Challenge Zones.

"Time to bring those James Bond fantasies to Life"
-Curbed NY

Encryption Challenge

Our Encryption Challenge is a high-tech interactive experience, using hand-writing recognition and giant multi-person touch-screens, that tests your code-making and code-breaking skills in a dramatic immersive audio-visual environment.

“Every bit as techie-spooky-cool as we hoped"
- Dezeen

Deception Challenge

Our Deception Challenge uses facial-recognition, audio-recognition and pulse-tracking technologies to assess your lying and lie-detection skills. You'll monitor interview subjects closely, in a controlled environment, to see if you can spot the tell-tale signs of deception.

"Home of our cultural fascination with the art of deception"
-The New York Times

Surveillance Challenge

Our Surveillance Challenge uses a giant immersive 360° degree CCTV display, professional headsets and voice-recognition technology to let you communicate directly with mission control as you put your skills of observation, perception and recall to the test. Can you monitor the live action? Spot the brush contact? Find the dead drop?

"Live out your spy dreams!"
- Buzzfeed

Special Ops Challenge

Our Special Ops Challenge uses real laser tunnels with touch-sensitive light pads, dry-ice feeds and immersive audio to explore your strategy and agility in a fast-paced real-world test that will set your pulse racing and leave you feeling exhilarated.

"Where Mission: Impossible fantasies can be lived"

your Debrief

Step into the Debrief Zone for a snapshot of your results and you profile - a detailed authentic assessment of your unique skills and potential, designed by a former Head of Training at British Intelligence. You'll be emailed a link to your full profile after your Debrief is completed.

"A modern twist on introducing people to the world of espionage"
- Forbes

Your spy role

The profile algorithm provides a deep dive into your scores and attributes and reveals which of the ten archetypal spy roles you are best suited to — are you an empathic Agent Handler, an agile Special Ops Officer or and observant and perceptive Spycatcher?

"You can explore how the traits you have could make you a spymaster"

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You'll discover amazing stories and extraordinary gadgets - from original Enigma machines and Edward Snowden's telepresence robot to a U2 spy plane camera, microscopic bugging devices and the actual virus that the US & Israel used to attack Iran's nuclear program. We have gadgets that any spy or superhero would want!

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The original spy superhero: discover James Bond as never before in this all-new immersive exhibition. Lose yourself in larger than life projection-mapping. Get up close and personal with 007's actual Aston Martin DB5. Enter Q's Lab and go behind the scenes on a production set. You'll experience movie-making magic through iconic gadgets and installations, plus never before seen content, including a recreation of the studio of Sir Ken Adam - the original creative genius behind the Bond sets.

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