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We invite you into a world of the unknown, to see who you could be. Discover your inner spy in immersive challenges designed by a former Head of Training at MI6 (British Intelligence) and uncover your spy superpowers in your authentic and detailed personalized profile.

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Your Briefing

The Briefing is your gateway to the murky world of secrets. In this immersive audio-visual experience, you'll be transported, mentally and physically, to the start of our exciting Challenge Zones.

"Time to bring those James Bond fantasies to Life"
-Curbed NY

Encryption Challenge

Encryption is a high-tech interactive experience that tests your code-making and code-breaking skills in a dramatic immersive audio-visual environment.

“Every bit as techie-spooky-cool as we hoped"
- Dezeen

Deception Challenge

Deception uses facial-recognition, audio-recognition and pulse-tracking to assess your lying and lie-detection skills. You'll monitor suspects to see if you can spot the tell-tale signs of deception.

"Home of our cultural fascination with the art of deception"
-The New York Times

Surveillance Challenge

Surveillance is an immersive 360° degree experience where mission control puts your observation and perception skills to the test. Can you spot the brush contact and uncover the dead drop?

"Live out your spy dreams!"
- Buzzfeed

Special Ops Challenge

Special Ops immerses you in a fast-paced, high-tech, laser tunnel experience to test your strategy and agility in a uniquely exhilarating format.

"Where Mission: Impossible fantasies can be lived"

your Debrief

Debrief reveals snapshot of your results before you receive the email link to your full profile developed with a former Head of Training at MI6 (British Intelligence).

"A modern twist on introducing people to the world of espionage"
- Forbes

Your spy role

Our profile algorithm reveals which of ten archetypal spy roles you are best suited to — are you an empathic Agent Handler, an agile Special Ops Officer or an observant and perceptive Spycatcher?

"You can explore how the traits you have could make you a spymaster"

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World-Class Collection
Our high-tech museum showcases extraordinary gadgets with stories and experiences that bring them to life. From Enigma machines and a U2 spy plane camera to Edward Snowden's telepresence robot, micro-bugging devices and the virus the US & Israel used to attack Iran's nuclear program. Designed by architecture gold medalist Sir David Adjaye, many visitors say it's their favorite museum ever!

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New York City
928 8th Ave, New York
NY 10019, USA
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12:00 PM - 8:00 PM

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