Dive deep into immersive interactive experiences. Discover your secret powers. Explore hidden worlds only seen in movies.


Explore Hidden Worlds!
At our HQ museum & experience you'll dive into the real world of secrets, discover extraordinary gadgets, tackle spy challenges and get an authentic profile of your skills and attributes developed by a former Head of Training at MI6.


Gotham Needs You!
Top scientists are missing and the world is in upheaval. Your Batman x SPYSCAPE adventure plays out in the physical world enhanced by a mobile app. You'll be the central character in the action as you develop your detective skills gathering intel and communicating in real time with some of Gotham City’s regulars.

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What Are Your Secret Powers?
Get your 40 page personal profile (view example) developed by a former Head of Training at British Intelligence (MI6) and top psychologists to reveal your personality, attributes, skills and potential. Part of our profile program is available online for $29.95 but, for a limited time, the whole program is included FREE for visitors to SPYSCAPE HQ.

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Psst! Wanna Mest A Spy?
Get ready for SPYCON, a new kind of live festival at the intersection of fact and fiction. SPYCON brings spies and superheroes, technologists and storytellers together to explore the stories shaping our world today.


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