15 Must-Stream John F. Kennedy Assassination Movies From JFK to Parkland

15 Must-Stream John F. Kennedy Assassination Movies From JFK to Parkland

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Killing Kennedy 2013 movie

Killing Kennedy (2013)

Based on the 2012 non-fiction book, Rob Lowe stars as JFK in this view of the presidency, the assassination, and the life of Lee Harvey Oswald. (Prime Video, GooglePlay, YouTube, Netflix, Hudu, Apple TV)

Interview with the Assassin (2002)

Interview with the Assassin (2002)

Interview With the Assassin is a docu-drama set almost 40 years after the assassination and it is about an ex-Marine. Ron Kobeleski (Dylan Haggerty) discovers his neighbor, Walter Ohlinger (Raymond J. Barry), may be the second gunman. (Prime Video, Apple TV) 

Fatal Deception (2014)

Told through the eyes of Lee Harvey Oswald’s widow (Helena Bonham Carter), Fatal Deception is the story of the shooter’s wife from her days in Russia to her attempts to deal with her husband’s role in JFK's assassination and his own murder. Bonham Carter is stunning. (Prime Video)

Executive Action (1973)

A shadowy group of Texas oil magnates, conservatives, spies, and rogue operatives meet to discuss JFK’s increasingly liberal politics and what needs to be done about it. Foster (Robert Ryan) wants extreme measures and Farrington (Burt Lancaster) prepares for an assassination while awaiting orders. The film uses newsreel footage of Kennedy, Lee Harvey Oswald, and Jack Ruby for extra oomph. (Apple TV, Prime Video, YouTube, GooglePlay, Microsoft, Vudu)


JFK the Smoking Gun (2013)

JFK the Smoking Gun follows an Australian detective Colin McLaren (starring as himself), who uses a ballistics expert to determine whether there was a second shooter in Dealey Plaza. (Vudu, Prime Video, Apple TV, GooglePlay, YouTube)

Ruby movie about Jack Ruby

Ruby (1992)

Told from the viewpoint of Dallas strip club owner Jack Ruby (Danny Aiello), Ruby explores the conspiracy theories and the mafia connections of the man who shot Lee Harvey Oswald on TV while Oswald was in police custody. Fascinating viewing. Look out for Sherilyn Fenn as ‘Candy Cane’. (Prime Video, Apple TV, GooglePlay, YouTube)

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