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Dive into the shadowy world of secrets at NYC'S #1 rated Museum & Experience!

Went in a sceptic. Left exhilarated. Mind-blown. Best. Hangout. Ever!
Headquarters of our cultural fascination with the art of deception.
New York Times
A wonderfully creative, interactive, and stimulating experience that imparts tremendous insights...
General David Petraeus, Former Director, CIA
Simply Amazing! Run, don't walk to this location. I will definitely go back!
Genesis Martinez-Riveros
My daughter and I loved this! So fun!
Spy education, gaming and museum! I love it
Carmen M
I went to SPYSCAPE with my boyfriend a few weekends ago and had SO much fun! It's such a cool experience!
Ashka V
Spyscape is by far the most interactive and interesting museum in NYC!
Stella Osita
As a wheelchair user, this was a very accessible and great experience for me!
Laura May
A fun and impressive day out
CNN Travel

Lena Sisco will brief you on detecting deception, MI6 trainers will deliver your detailed personal profile. Everyone will have fun!

Gather your squad for a briefing on detecting deception by interrogation expert (and badass spy) Lena Sisco: you'll learn techniques used by pros to read people and get to the truth - tools you can apply in your private and professional lives.

You'll also try code-breaking, lie-detection, surveillance and laser dodging. You'll analyze your own personality, skills and attributes. You'll each get an authentic and detailed 40-page personal profile developed by top trainers at MI6 (British Intelligence).

Most importantly, you’ll enjoy an unforgettable evening of discovery and camaraderie, with tasty treats and non-alcoholic drinks at NYC’s #1 rated museum and experience. You’ll even get a commemorative Girls Night bracelet. Book now!

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SPY HQ - Girls Night

SPY HQ - Girls Night
From $49 Adult
Develop Your Powers Of Perception!

Dive into the shadowy world of secrets (and learn how to detect liars!) at NYC's #1-rated experience:

  • SPY HQ experience & museum (does not include SPYGAMES)
  • 'Detecting Deception' video session by interrogation expert Lena Sisco
  • Tasty treats and non-alcoholic drinks
  • Commemorative 'Girls Night' bracelet
  • Personal profile developed with MI6 experts
  • Find out more

Note: Please arrive promptly for your reservation time and allow 2 hours for your experience

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New York City
928 8th Ave, New York
NY 10019, USA
Opening Hours
Opening Hours
10:00 AM - 10:00 PM

10:00 AM - 8:00 PM

LAST ENTRY: 90 mins before closing
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Getting Here


M20, M104 Northbound to 8th Ave W 52nd Street M20 Southbound to 7th Ave W 55th Street M7, M104, Southbound to 7th Ave W 54th Street


C, E to 50th St Subway Station
A, C, B, D to 59th St Columbus Circle
N, Q, R, W to 57th St Subway Station


There are three parking garages close:
300 W 55th Street
241 W 55th Street
230 W 55th Street


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