Announcing a new kind of spy agency - SPYEX

Psst - wanna hire a spy?

Announcing SPYEX, a truly unique new agency that offers access to elite intelligence professionals (from the CIA, FBI, KGB, Mossad, and more) for private citizens and organizations. SPYEX provides unrivaled access to senior intelligence officers, experts trusted by world leaders, to speak at your event, consult on key business initiatives, train your team, or advise on your next film or television series.




Lie detector?

SPYEX Expert Profile: Lena Sisco is a human lie detector. She’s a former Naval intelligence officer, interrogator, and an expert trained in detecting deception. You may know her from Couples Court, but there’s a much bigger story - and a lot more intrigue - behind that celebrity persona. Lena shares some of her top lie-detecting methods and interviewing secrets in our exclusive story.





SEAL Team training?

SPYEX Expert Profile: Bob Dougherty ran undercover counterterrorism operations at the CIA. Today he trains Navy SEALs, Green Berets, and corporate teams. Bob studied economics at university, so it felt natural for him to adapt his training methodologies to businesses. In his downtime, Bob’s a California surfer who’s passionate about saving the environment. Here’s his incredible story.




Mossad's answer to Q?

SPYEX Expert Profile: Lieutenant Colonel Avner Avraham loved inventing spy gadgets so much he became Mossad’s ‘Q’ - even borrowing ideas from James Bond movies along the way! Avner reveals the secrets of his fascinating 28-year career in Israel’s elite spy agency and the inside story on his work for Hollywood blockbuster Operation Finale.



The real Jack Ryan?

SPYEX Expert Profile: Nic McKinley jumped out of US Air Force jets to conduct rescue missions before graduating from Harvard and joining the CIA. He’s confronted terrorists and human traffickers while developing his expertise in corporate intelligence, leadership, and conflict resolution. If Nic’s life reads like a Tom Clancy thriller, that’s because he’s a real-life action hero and a consultant to business leaders and A-list movie stars. So what’s next?




Russian spy in the city?

SPYEX Expert Profile: Real-life KGB spy Jack Barsky was an undercover sleeper agent conducting secret operations in the US for a decade before his cover was blown. The FBI was onto him, and Moscow urgently wanted Barsky back - even telling him he was ‘dead’ if he didn’t return. Jack had to make a life-or-death decision: abandon his wife and baby in the US or risk the wrath of the KGB. His is a gripping tale of life on a knife’s edge at the height of the Cold War.



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