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007 x Spyscape
007 x Spyscape

"Immerse yourself in the world of James Bond. Featuring  007's actual Aston Martin DB5, iconic gadgets, original artwork and more. Explore the production room; lose yourself in projection-mapping; meet the crew behind the scenes and discover the movie-making magic." - Time Out

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"A shrine to the arts of deception and detection, where visitors can take a lie detector test and try to spy when someone else is lying; where they can learn of the wartime exploits of the Special Operations Executive one minute, and the next be popping along tp the strains of Jerry Goldsmith’s theme from The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

The thrill comes in matching your own imagination of what it must feel like to be a spy - being Bond, flicking the top off the gear-lever and pressing the red button - to the flights of fancy taken by those who create these adventure for the screen.

In SPYSCAPE you’ll find originals and recreations of props, of designs and illustrations, of scale models buildings that were built to be sacrificed in massive on-screen explosions, even a one-third scale Aston Martin, blackened and burned from the helicopter attack in 2012’s SKYFALL."

- Octane Magazine, May 2021



From the obscure to the incredible, from an original Enigma machine and James Bond's actual Aston Martin DB5 to rare and exceptional real life spy gadgets that even 007 never had!

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See how your skills, agility and attributes stack up in a series of immersive challenges designed by a former Head of Training at British Intelligence to test you to your limits!

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