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Grand conspiracies

Powerful, invisible forces are at work everywhere. Or are they? SPYSCAPE burrows deep into some of the most bizarre and sinister conspiracy theories: tantalizing tales steeped in illusion, paranoia, and Machiavellianism.




QAnon’s commander

Q has been eerily quiet in 2021 yet the QAnon faithful remain convinced that a cabal of blood-thirsty politicians and celebs are intent on destroying society. As followers await the next cryptic ‘Q Drop’, speculation has turned to unmasking the prophet. Who, exactly, might Q be?




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Deep state

When White House counsel Vince Foster was found dead in a Virginia park, the FBI’s top profiler, Jim Clemente, was assigned a delicate mission. Clemente needed to find out if Foster shot himself or whether conspiracy theorists were right - was this a case of murder in the Oval Office?




Top streaming

Some of the best movies and series are riddled with terrifying villains and devious plot twists where not all is as it seems. Here are SPYSCAPE’s picks of the top conspiratorial thrillers you’ll want to stream right now.




Diving down the rabbit hole

Is Area 51 hiding aliens? Was the moon landing a hoax? Has Avril Lavigne been cloned? Who shot JFK? From chemtrails to the Clintons, there is seemingly an endless list of conspiracy theories, but why are we so quick to cling to them without any evidence?





COVID-19 conspiracies

Covid-19 has inspired crazy conspiracy theories - including fears that doctors are implanting microchips instead of offering vaccinations. Here are some of the most bizarre, funny, and downright bonkers theories - and no, injecting yourself with disinfectant is not recommended.




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