Episode 2

Hooray for Hollywood

Hooray for Hollywood

How closely do the silver screen and the spying game overlap? Alistair Petrie, star of Deep State, Star Wars Rogue One, The Mark of Cain, and The Night Manager, meets former field agent and CIA chief of disguise Jonna Mendez. Presenter Rory Bremner hears it all, from Jonna’s recollections of the real Argo operation, to the spy tactics used to protect props on Star Wars, and how The Planet of the Apes helped the CIA go full Ethan Hunt. 
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Guest Bio

Joanna Mendez (pictured) was born in Kentucky and had decided on a career in banking in Germany when she was recruited by the CIA. Mendez served several tours of duty in Europe, the Far East, and the subcontinent. She also trained the CIA's foreign assets on how to use spy cameras before rising to her role as Chief of Disguise.

British actor Alistair Petrie is the star of many successful Hollywood films and TV series including Deep State, Star Wars Rogue One, and The Night Manager.

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