A History of the World in Spy Objects: Trailer

A History of the World in Spy Objects: Trailer

The Enigma Machine. The B-2 stealth bomber. The poisoned-tipped umbrella. Napoleon’s Briefcase of Secrets. As long as there has been conflict, there have been spies, and as long as there have been spies, there have been incredible gadgets and iconic objects. Alice Loxton presents the stories of the tools that power the world of espionage in a brand new show for the SPYSCAPE Podcast Network. Get episodes early and ad-free with SPYSCAPE+ on Apple Podcasts.

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TRAILER: A History of the World in Spy Objects

NARRATOR: What ghosts lie hidden in the archives of espionage? What story might an unassuming item yield, when placed under the right light? I’m Alice Loxton, and this is A History of the World in Spy Objects.

DANIEL ARSHAM: Jackson Pollock's Number 8, was part of an exhibition in the late ‘50s. The CIA was behind this exhibition.

If you've got a compass that is concealed inside one of the buttons on your jacket, maybe the Germans who've captured you won't find it.

JUSTIN JAMPOL: Right now in my hand is a pen with a hidden microphone.

In a new exclusive series from SPYSCAPE Studios, and the secretive minds that brought you True Spies, we’re diving deep into the iconic designs that have defined espionage through history.

JAMES GRIME: Enigma is one of the most famous code machines of all time.

JOANA VASCONCELOS: Nobody talked about it… until I started understanding that my grandfather had worked for the two dictators.

For the next few days, at night, I was waiting for my hotel door to be kicked open by a bunch of men in black, bursting in and taking it off me.

Join me, Alice Loxton for a deep, dark, dive into the archives - in A History of the World in Spy Objects from SPYSCAPE Studios. Hit ‘Follow’ to subscribe now.

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