Special Edition: James Bond‘s iconic Aston Martin DB5

True heist

The real-world theft of the original DB5 driven by Sean Connery twists and turns like a classic spy thriller. Hollywood movie star Elizabeth Hurley takes listeners on a mission with a $100,000 reward to recover the stolen car in the epic new eight-part podcast series The Great James Bond Car Robbery.




True detective

Rene Russo plays a fictional art detective opposite Pierce Brosnan in The Thomas Crown Affair. Christopher A. Marinello is the real deal. This cheeky New York lawyer-turned-detective believes he knows where 007’s stolen 1963 DB5 is hidden. Marinello says he’s close - possibly dangerously close - to exposing its location, but recovering a stolen icon is always a tricky mission. Marinello opens his top-secret dossier and lays out his case in SPYSCAPE’s exclusive interview.




True wizardry

Pay attention 007. Q introduced Bond to his new ‘Aston Martin DB5 with modifications’ in Goldfinger and the car became an instant hit - beloved for its sleek lines, its machine guns and that irresistible red ejector seat button. What other gadgets could a secret agent want? SPYSCAPE took a spin around Q’s workshop to find out. 




True legend

The Goldfinger DB5 driven by Sean Connery isn’t the only Bond DB5. SPYSCAPE’s New York HQ boasts the GoldenEye DB5 - the actual car raced so memorably by Pierce Brosnan in the opening scenes of the movie. The DB5 returned with Daniel Craig at the wheel in Casino Royale and appears in seven other 007 thrillers. Sit back and relive the magic while SPYSCAPE zooms through the specs of the most iconic models on Earth.



True clones

If you need proof of the value of a James Bond DB5 look no further than the 25 limited-edition Continuation models (marking the 25th Bond film No Time To Die) released by Aston Martin. Even though they can’t be driven on public roads they sold out at a cool $4.6m each - netting over $100m in all. Come kick the tires, but beware the tire slashers may be deadly as these cars are equipped with some of Q's best gadgets including revolving number plates, smoke machines, and 'oil slick' controls.




True rock star

For Duran Duran’s John Taylor, who grew up watching Bond movies, writing the theme song for A View To a Kill was a 007 dream come true. Taylor tells SPYSCAPE’s For Your Ears Only podcast about his audacious pitch to Bond’s producers and shares the thrill of buying (and losing) his first Aston Martin - a rare, golden DB5 that still takes his breath away. 



The insurance company searching for the Goldfinger DB5 has offered a reward for intel leading to the successful recovery of the car. Find out more.

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