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The Secret of Hiroshima's Uranium

This month marks 75 years since the atomic bomb ripped Hiroshima apart. A British researcher recently revealed the incredible race for Uranium that made it possible. American OSS agents, under the command of ‘Wild’ Bill Donovan, were so desperate to beat the Nazi’s at collecting Uranium, that they went to the Congo disguised as naturalists collecting live gorillas, ornithologists, and even silk importers, to secure the treasure they needed for the infamous Manhattan Project.




The Ultimate Secret Panic Room

Taking quarantine to a whole new level is the Stay Behind Cave, a top-secret chamber shrouded in myth. Recently rediscovered in a labyrinth of tunnels deep inside the Rock of Gibraltar, on the southern tip of Spain. Just 30 people a year may visit the cave to see where six British spies agreed to live secretly for seven years under enemy rule during World War II’s Operation Tracer. 




Osama Bin Laden & COVID-19

At first glance, Osama Bin Laden and COVID-19 don’t have much in common, but the agency that tracked the world’s most wanted terrorist is now tracking the virus. The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency is monitoring the effectiveness of masks, travel restrictions and other preventative measures, clearly demonstrating the importance of global health to national security. 




The Fakest News

Social media and tech giants joined forces last week to tackle fake news and misleading election propaganda. Google, Facebook and Twitter met with US government officials to try and ensure that their platforms aren’t hijacked by disinformation campaigns in the run up to November’s elections. 




A Real Licence to Kill

In James Bond terms, British spooks have just got their ‘00’ status back. The Ministry of Defence has confirmed that, after an absence of more than 60 years, British secret agents have now had their licence to kill restored in countries other than warzones. 





Failed French Assassins

Two French spies claim they were ‘only following orders’ when they were arrested during a failed assassination plot last month. Their unsuspecting target was a 54 year old female hypnotherapist living on the outskirts of Paris. Police found a loaded pistol, knife and gloves when they approached the car used for the stakeout. The spy agency they work for denied all knowledge of the mission and the pair have been charged with attempted murder. 




And one more thing... Buy one, get Bond FREE!

Our SPYSCAPE HQ museum & experience in New York City reopens on 28 August. To celebrate our reopening, and the upcoming James Bond movie, SPYSCAPE tickets will now include FREE admission (normally $23) to 007xSPYSCAPE, the first official 007 exhibition in the USA. 



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