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Honey traps

All’s fair in love and war - or so the saying goes. The tango of seduction and spies has been the centerpiece of movies from North by Northwest and Casino Royale to Red Sparrow, but real-life honey traps are even more captivating than film plots. Join us as SPYSCAPE dives into the deception.




Was Trump 'kompromised?'

Was Donald Trump a Russian asset? The dirty details in the infamous ‘Steele dossier’ may have failed to convince, but Craig Unger’s book American Kompromat makes the case that the former President has been a KGB asset for more than 40 years! Do the salacious accusations stand up to scrutiny?




The 'spy in a bag' mystery

Spies and sex go together like Antony and Cleopatra, but Britain’s ‘spy in a bag’ tale elevates kink to a whole new level. Bondage, drag, secrets, lies and an unsolved murder (or was it?) have kept the death of MI6’s Gareth Williams in the headlines for a decade. There may now be a break in the case.




Affairs of the heart

The Profumo affair was a truly legendary Cold War sex scandal that brought down a senior British government minister. Christina Keeler, 19, was having affairs with two powerful men: Eugene Ivanov, a Russian attaché at London’s Soviet embassy and British war minister John Profumo. The evidence gathered in an explosive inquiry is so top secret it will be under lock and key until at least 2048.




An unhappy ending

During the Cold War in Moscow, KGB eyes were everywhere. Betraying the state meant imprisonment, even death, yet that was precisely the choice engineer Adolf Tolkachev made. He spotted an American filling up with petrol and knocked on his window. Tolkachev was about to risk everything. 





What exactly is a Honeypot?

While honey traps are used to lure politicians and business people, seduction comes in many forms: honeypots are deliberately vulnerable computers and websites used to lure malicious hackers. But be careful, the roles can be reversed and they can be a danger to us all!




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