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Mafia secrets

Closely guarded rituals dictate how a gangster becomes a ‘made’ man, deals with snitches, or slices garlic for tomato sauce! So the trial of the ‘Ndrangheta clans in Italy promises to deliver an explosion of secrets. The numbers are staggering: 350 accused, 1,000 witnesses, 24,000 wiretaps and a syndicate that brings in an estimated $50 billion a year. The trial even has its own codename: Rebirth. 




Your favourite Bond revealed

Ian Fleming imagined Bond as slim with blue-gray eyes, a thin vertical scar on his right cheek and a cruel mouth. But 007’s stars have brought the MI6 agent to life with magnetism, physicality and wit. Carly Simon sang ‘Nobody Does it Better’, but we know someone must. SPYSCAPE asked fans to vote on your favorite Bond (read our profiles of the protagonists) and thousands did - and although you'll have to click below to find out the result, what we can tell you was that is was VERY close! 




The CIA’s secret? Teamwork

Why did the CIA fail to stop 9/11? And why were the online ‘terrorists’ consistently beating the ‘spies’ during simulated attacks? The CIA designed ‘Project Looking Glass’ to find out exactly why. That’s when they discovered the secrets of successful teamwork. 




Big brother is watching...

Covid-19 is the new frontline, with both Russia and North Korea accused of hacking and stealing vaccine data from abroad. Other countries are turning their spy tech inward: Pakistan deploys surveillance systems to track the virus and Singapore is using track-and-trace data for criminal convictions. In Florida the situation is different. The state’s 21 million residents worry their personal data is being manipulated. But why?




Don't kiss and tell

Corinna Larsen, an ex lover of former King Juan Carlos of Spain, has testified that she was threatened by the head of the Spanish intelligence services. She says General Felix Sanz Roldan met her at the Connaught Hotel in London and implied she might die in a Princess Diana-style car crash if she didn’t stay quiet. “The general explained various conditions and instructions and recommendations that I should follow,” testified Larsen. “He said unless I followed them, he could not guarantee my physical safety or the physical safety of my children.” 





Spycraft: Tools of the trade

Spies work with sophisticated technology, poison, surveillance - whatever it takes to gain the upper hand. Techniques are now so advanced it is even possible to modify a strand of DNA and have it contain a secret message. That’s where the CIA’s Office of Technical Service comes in: they provide the gadgets, disguises, forgeries and weapons that can determine life or death. Go behind the scenes with Netflix’s latest series, Spycraft.




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