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The real X-Files 

US spies are sharing their UFO secrets for a report due in mid-2021 on so-called 'unidentified aerial phenomena'. The Pentagon released three declassified UFO videos in 2020, and now the Senate Intelligence Committee wants a detailed analysis of potential threats in US airspace - alien or otherwise.




The (Solar) Winds of change 

The Russian group suspected in the SolarWinds hack - the biggest infiltration of US government networks and companies in years - managed to get full access to Microsoft's source code, a sure sign hackers have a bigger agenda than just blackmail. Source code is the architectural blueprint of software, and the Microsoft breach could be the start of something very significant indeed.




Monsieur Philby?

Britain went to great lengths to create a fictional French double agent in the 1960s to deflect embarrassing revelations contained in the manuscript for Kim Philby’s autobiography My Silent War. The MI6-turned-KGB spy knew the UK was bugging the London HQ of the Communist Party and was preparing to reveal much more.




Israel's full-throttle thrillers!

You may have seen some of Israel’s riveting spy dramas from Fauda to Tehran, The Spy and Mossad 101. But what might you have missed? Get the inside track on why Mossad’s spies and spymasters are the talk of the town, and which ones are the real must sees!




Bond girl confidential

We pay tribute to some of 007’s paramours and share a few Bond girl secrets from Ursula Andress’ Honey Ryder (originally called Honeychile by Ian Fleming) all the way to Léa Seydoux’s Madeleine Swann in the soon-to-be-released No Time to Die.





Oscar talk 

There’s already Oscar buzz around Benedict Cumberbatch who stars in two films set for release in US cinemas in February. The Mauritanian is a thriller about 9/11 while The Courier focuses on Cold War spy Greville Wynne, who was critical in resolving the Cuban Missile crisis.




We all have spy skills... It's time to discover yours

Developed by a former Head of Training at British Intelligence, these games and exercises will give you a detailed assessment of your spy skills and inspire you to start using them.
You'll also discover which spy role you're best suited to - and meet the real and fictional spies with skills and roles that match yours. 


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