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Secret Agent Father of Rock Legend

Newsflash: Sting’s famous drummer is the son of an infamous spy. Stewart Copeland’s father, Miles Copeland Jr spent years in covert CIA operations in the Middle East, helping to overthrow the ruling elites in both Syria and Iran. Stewart spent years researching his father, and now shares his story in a nine-part podcast that stretches from his initial discovery that his father was a spy, through to many of his father’s incredible operations. 




N is for New Sherlock!

Christo Grozev is the contemporary Sherlock Holmes who uses incredible detective and intelligence skills to solve huge mysteries that even the major spy agencies haven’t solved. In N is for Novichok, Christo tells Vanessa Kirby the extraordinary story of how he and his colleagues unmasked two Russian assassins sent to the UK to poison former KGB agent Sergei Skripal, in Salisbury. Part of the top-rated new podcast series True Spies. 




A secret Army of Female Spies

A Call to Spy tells the story of Winston Churchill’s secret army of fearless women spies, given a daunting mission: sabotage and resistance building. Vera Atkins, later the inspiration for Miss Moneypenny in the James Bond stories, was the chief recruiter, and selected two now infamous candidates: Virginia Hall, an American journalist hampered by a wooden leg, and Noor Khan, an Indian of royal descent and an avowed pacifist. The courage, sacrifices and grit of these women helped defeat the Nazis – and ultimately turned the tide of the war. 




Live in M's Bombproof Secret Lair!

The London apartment in Whitehall Court where the real life M briefed British secret agents about the deadly threat from Germany and Bolshevik Russia is for sale. Whitehall Court was the HQ for the original Mi6, and in it worked Sir Mansfield Smith-Cumming, head of the service, known as C - the real life inspiration for M in the James Bond series. This historic triplex apartment could be yours for a cool £5.5 million.




Do Spies Recruit via LinkedIn?

"It’s a very good site - a great venue [and] the ultimate playground for collection of contacts". Not much unusual about that quote - LinkedIn is the World’s largest networking site with more than 700m registered users - except that the quote is from Bill Evanina, Director of the US National Counterintelligence and Security Center!





Sean Connery is the best 007

In a head-to-head style battle of the Bonds, Sean Connery came out on top after 14,000 people voted in a tournament to decide who would be crowned the finest screen version of Ian Fleming’s super spy. Probably the biggest shock was in Round 1 where Connery knocked out current 007 actor Daniel Craig, coming out on top with 56 percent of the vote. 




And one more thing...

Inspired by the Guy Fawkes masks worn by members of Anonymous (the online activists and hackers), SPYSCAPE’s face masks will keep your identity and immunity safe on your next mission. Available in three different styles, SPYSCAPE Face Masks are comfortable, breathable, reusable, and washable. They also feature adjustable elastic ear loops and a filter pocket. 


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