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Apple's secret device for the Dept of Energy

Back in 2001, a young engineer at Apple received a mysterious brief to help the US Department of Energy develop a very special iPod. Only four people at Apple knew about it and, to this day, Apple has never talked about the project. Apple engineer David Shayer’s secret mission began with an intriguing and tantalising briefing...




The CIA's 'secret' art

It’s been rumoured for decades that the CIA’s art collection had hidden meaning. Finally, photographs of the collection are accessible to the public for the first time, allowing us to make up our own minds. Art or secretive propaganda? Take a look...




Is Batman the Ultimate Spy?

Robert Pattinson has swapped his vampire fangs for the Dark Knight’s infamous cape in the eagerly anticipated movie juggernaut, The Batman. Director Matt Reeves reveals that we meet Gothan’s Caped Crusader in the second year of his career when he’s joined by Catwoman (Zoe Kravitz), The Riddler (Paul Dano) and Penguin (Colin Farrell). The ultimate spy or the world’s greatest detective? You can decide when The Batman releases next year.




Who's spying on your home?

Forget about Amazon’s Alexa, researchers in Singapore have developed software that can record the sound your key makes when inserted into the front door lock. SpiKey could allow eavesdropping hackers not just to listen but to clone your key and possibly your phone or smart doorbell too! 




Is China bribing monks to spy?

Concerns over the Dalai Lama’s security were raised recently when a 42 year old Chinese national was accused of bribing Delhi-based monks to spy on the Tibetan leader. Charlie Peng, accused of running a money laundering racket, also allegedly bribed lesser Lamas to gather information on the Dalai Lama and his close associates.





He may not be the next 007 but...

Idris Elba, the British actor long-rumoured to be the next James Bond, will star in a new ‘spy with romance’ film, set in Africa. Co-producing alongside Simon Kinberg, who wrote Mr & Mrs Smith, and is directing Jessica Chatstain’s forthcoming spy movie, ‘355’, this could be a match made in spy heaven.




And one more thing... We're BACK!

New York City’s #1 Rated New Museum & Experience (according to Google and Tripadvisor) is back! SPYSCAPE HQ reopens this weekend and, to celebrate, tickets will now include FREE admission (normally $23) to 007xSPYSCAPE, the first official 007 exhibition in NYC.



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