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Truly secret games

Spies often use games as the inspiration to train agents - from Pokémon and role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons to Artificial Intelligence simulations. The CIA doesn’t stop there though. The Agency even makes its own spy games and quietly releases them to the public. Find out more about what’s available and how to download formerly ‘Classified’ CIA games.  




Fiendishly spy-worthy crosswords

Many of SPYSCAPE’s spy-themed crosswords contain secret messages or codes exposed only when the grid is complete. If you like a challenge, you’ve come to the right place. Touché, Alan Turing. Touché.




Ultimate spy play

Xbox, board games and Rubik’s Cubes aren’t your only gaming options. How about solving a 3-D puzzle or creating a laser tunnel challenge? SPYSCAPE has curated some of the world’s best spy games, and we’re not keeping them top secret. 




Spy games

The Imitation Game focuses on British codebreakers and cryptologist Alan Turing (Benedict Cumberbatch) but what about the four Americans who joined the Bletchley Park team on a top-secret mission? The US helped crack the German enigma code. The actual Bombe machine seen in The Imitation Game is currently at SPYSCAPE HQ in New York City, on loan from Bletchley Park




Escape rooms go online

Online escape rooms are one of the breakout successes of the Covid-19 pandemic. Crack codes, solve devilish puzzles and work as part of a worldwide team to escape!  





Check mate

The Queen's Gambit is a nod to a 15th century chess move, an opening gambit that sacrifices the Queen’s pawn in a bid to control the board’s center. Netflix’s Beth Harmon - the orphaned chess genius played by actress Anya Taylor-Joy - isn’t a real person, however. So who is Harmon based on and what’s the story behind the series? 



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