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Gone before their time? 

Twitter may have told us that Sir Paul McCartney, Tom Cruise and Beyoncé (and many more) have passed away but rumors of their deaths have been greatly exaggerated. Find out who else has lived to read their own obituary!




May the Space Force be with you

The Pentagon’s Space Force is now one of 18 intelligence agencies (yes, really, 18!) operating in America, putting it on the same footing as the CIA and FBI. The US says outer space is its ‘war-fighting domain’ but what’s really going on behind the headlines?




Secrets of Area 51

Nevada’s Area 51 has long been associated with tales of aliens but the discovery of a crashed spy plane nearby has further enhanced its spooky credentials. Want the real story behind the myth that has become folklore?




Biden's spymaster

President-elect Joe Biden has chosen a former ambassador to Russia to lead the CIA. William Burns is a diplomat with a distinguished career - he once used back channels to launch negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program. What else do we know about Burns?




The very first James Bond

Sean Connery wasn’t actually the first actor to play 007 on screen. That honor goes to Barry Nelson, a California actor who brought James ‘Jimmy’ Bond to life in 1954. So why is Nelson’s 007 little more than a trivia answer?





Parler games

The controversial social network Parler has been forced offline by the likes of Amazon Web Services, but not before an Austrian hacker named ‘Crash Override’ claimed to have downloaded 70 terabytes of supposedly private user data posted by the rioters in the US Capitol Building. Images, videos, location data and messages - even deleted ones - are expected to appear in bulk on the internet.




We all have spy skills... It's time to discover yours

Developed by a former Head of Training at British Intelligence, these games and exercises will give you a detailed assessment of your spy skills and inspire you to start using them.
You'll also discover which spy role you're best suited to - and meet the real and fictional spies with skills and roles that match yours. 


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