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Physicist Pilot Bookseller Spy

The first woman nominated for the nation’s top intelligence role is a woman of many intriguing facets. President-elect Biden’s pick for Director of National Intelligence, Avril D. Haines, is a trained physicist, a brown belt in judo, a pilot who nearly crashed into the North Atlantic and a former cafe and bookstore owner who helped revitalize Baltimore.




Another star female spymaster

Jack Ryan returns for season 3 with Marianne Jean-Baptiste as Chief of Station, Elizabeth Wright. No stranger to spy roles, Jean-Baptiste joins fresh from her role in Blindspot where she played Bethany Mayfair, assistant director in charge of the FBI's New York Field Office. Filming of this latest instalment in the Tom Clancy canon begins in 2021.




Prolific spy free to leave

One of the most prolific spies in modern American history, who delivered hundreds of classified American documents to Israeli intelligence during the waning years of the Cold War, is now a free man. After 30 years in prison, and five years on ‘licence’, the Justice Department announced that former Navy intelligence analyst and convicted spy Jonathan Pollard has completed his parole and is planning to move to Israel.




The secrets behind Netflix

Imagine the scene, 20 years ago when now defunct video rental company Blockbuster sat in a room with the upstart Netflix, and laughed at a chance to buy the company for $50m. The latest entrant to the streaming game, Amazon, now tells the full story in their new docuseries Netflix vs. the World. And yes, that really was Netflix’s original logo!




An American who loved a Nazi and spied for Soviet Russia

Martha Dodd Stern lived a life of stark contrasts. When FDR appointed her father as US Ambassador to Germany, as Hitler was rising to power, she and her brother moved to Berlin. She went on to become romantically involved with a Nazi secret police chief, once sought Stalin’s permission to marry a Russian, and became a key spy for the Soviets in WW2.





Paul Newman’s secret watch

Not many people have a Rolex named after them. Paul Newman has - his personal Paul Newman Rolex Daytona was sold for $17m in 2017 (then a record for a wristwatch). Well now another of Paul’s personal Daytonas is hitting the block, this one given to his daughter Clea while he was recovering from cancer surgery in hospital. Expected to sell for ‘in excess of $1 million' we think it might fetch much MUCH more...




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