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Choosing the perfect codename

Kamala Harris has chosen her Secret Service codename: Pioneer. A perfect choice for the first female vice-president. It’s an interesting contrast to the three most recent VP’s: Mike Pence was Hosier, Joe Biden was Celtic and Dick Cheney was Angler. Go figure.




Trying to be the perfect Bond

It's no secret that tailor Anthony Sinclair dressed Sean Connery for all of his appearances as Bond - however, did you know that whilst auditioning for the role of Bond, one-time 007 George Lazenby visited the same tailor, hoping to impress the producers. Lazenby had already purchased a Rolex Submariner and had his hair cut at Connery's barber, and the final piece in his ensemble was a bespoke suit by Connery's tailor. 




The secret to making beautiful music

A trailblazing female entrepreneur was the go to source for one of music’s greatest ever geniuses. When we celebrate Beethoven’s 250th birthday next month we should also celebrate Nannette Streicher - she owned her own company (almost unheard of at the time) and built the exceptional instruments on which Ludwig wrote some of his most epic works.




The secret to writing a great TV thriller

Jed Mercurio writes edge-of-your-seat shows, such as police corruption drama Line of Duty and political thriller Bodyguard. How does he do it? In this revealing article Jed (a former doctor and RAF pilot) shares his writing secrets.




MTV goes Spy

The Challenge: Double Agents is the latest installation in MTV’s long-running series - this time the contestants will be forced to outsmart each other in a game of secrets, spies and lies for their share of $1 million. And to make it more challenging, it’s set in the freezing Arctic!





Be vigilant on social media!

Mike Burgess, head of the Australian spy agency ASIO warns that “the friendly person claiming to be a head-hunter or researcher might actually be a foreign spy trying to win your trust and steal your secrets”. He goes on to say that social media and professional networking sites (we’re talking about you LinkedIn) are "fertile hunting grounds" for spies trying to identify, groom and recruit sources with access to sensitive information.




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