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Le Carré's farewell

John le Carré’s soul-searching final novel Silverview is released this week, a thriller involving spies, secrets, and Julian Lawndsley, a former London high-flyer running a bookshop in a seaside town. In honor of the literary legend who died in 2020, SPYSCAPE’s curated a selection of le Carré’s finest espionage novels - including rare first editions you’ll struggle to find anywhere else!




Clancy revealed

Tom Clancy is known for his best-sellers and box office blockbusters from The Hunt for Red October to Patriot Games, and Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. Even the CIA ranks him, so it seemed essential for SPYSCAPE to suss out exactly how the master espionage writer digs for intelligence and duels with the mind of his opponents.






Ripped from the pages

When it comes to top movies based on espionage novels Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy has to be near the top of the list but dig deeper and you’ll discover The 39 Steps, The Third Man, The Lady Vanishes and so much more. Here are SPYSCAPE’s recommendations for the top spy flicks based on novels, with more deceit, double-crossings, and plot twists than an Ian Fleming 007 thriller. 




SPYSCAPE book picks

SPYSCAPE HQ is the home of secrets, so what better place is there to source your need-to-know list of new releases and must-read classics? This is SPYSCAPE staff’s unique, quirky list of personal favorites and highly recommended books, so enjoy! As Cicero says: “A room without books is like a body without a soul.”



True Spies books

Ever wonder what it’s like to slip behind enemy lines or convince a foreign agent to spy on their own country? SPYSCAPE’s True Spies podcasts feature an eclectic mix of former CIA, FBI, and KGB agents sharing real-life spy stories. Many have also written about their life-and-death missions so if you’re searching for real-life spy stories, our True Spies book recommendations have got you covered.





James Bond’s iconic Aston Martin returns in the latest film - get your copy of this new exclusive book about the car - featuring never before seen photographs, illustrations and insights. 



The Deighton dossier

You may know Len Deighton’s best-seller The Ipcress File - and the film starring Michael Caine - but did you know the British Navy taught Deighton how to scuba dive so he could write Horse Under Water or that he learned to fly a helicopter for Billion-Dollar Brain? Dive into the incredible secret life of the 92-year-old author who inspired a generation and is still going strong!



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