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Alien adventures

Visitors from space have been credited with creating everything from the legendary Moai statues on Easter Island to Egypt’s pyramids and England’s crop circles. SPYSCAPE casts a sceptical eye over the weird, wonderful and other-worldly endeavors of our visitors from other galaxies.




Spooky insights from the CIA UFO dossier

The CIA is behind the biggest release of UFO data ever - more than 2,700 pages of declassified documents with tales of UFOs, mysterious explosions and curious ‘space messages’. The dossier is part of a larger collection published by the Black Vault, a privately run archive of declassified documents. Does this mean aliens exist? 




Alien ‘hoaxes’ that went (very) viral

The galaxy has inspired tales of alien colonies as far back as 200 AD, when Lucian of Samosata wrote A True Story detailing his journey to a Moon populated by three-headed vultures and fleas the size of elephants. But which stories really took off?




Guardians of the galaxy

The US Space Force is the first new branch of the military to be created in more than 70 years. So what if they have a logo that boldly borrows from Star Trek and just 2,500 full-time ‘guardians’? The relatively tiny force has a massive responsibility that includes tracking 26,000 space objects; guarding American spacecraft; and preparing for ‘orbital warfare’ (that’s a conflict that might impair satellite systems, for you earthlings in the back row). 




Area 51: what really goes on in the desert?

If the government is hiding aliens, Area 51 is probably their earthly home! The super-secretive Nevada Air Force base (Washington describes it as a ‘multidimensional battle-space’) doesn’t welcome visitors, despite the tourist traps. The airspace above it is restricted, and up until 2013 the CIA wouldn’t even acknowledge it existed. The base is home to some of the world’s most advanced espionage programs, but that’s not Area 51’s only secret. 





Has an alien spacecraft visited Earth?

The cigar-shaped object that zipped past Earth on its trip through our solar system in 2017 may not have been a comet after all. Harvard physicist Avi Loeb believes ‘Oumuamua - the Hawaiian word for ‘messenger from afar arriving first’ - could be an interstellar spacecraft. And he’s a bit bored with closed-minded scientists who won’t consider the possibility.




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