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Body language secrets of politicians

Former FBI agent and body language expert Joe Navarro breaks down the intentional (and unintentional) body language displayed by politicians. Why do some politicians point with their entire hand? What does it mean when politicians wave to a large crowd? How do Donald Trump and Joe Biden's non-verbals compare to each other?




A man of many (spy) guises!

Mark Strong has made a career playing good spies and bad - he’s played significant characters in Kingsman, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and Sherlock Holmes as well as at least three evil foils opposite various and sundry superheroes. Here he shares his thoughts on trust, honour loyalty and what it takes to make great work.




Are private eyes everywhere?

A new book by Tyler Maroney reveals that more than 30,000 private investigators now work in the U.S. 'The Modern Detective: How Corporate Intelligence Is Reshaping the World' reveals how PI’s engage in a huge variety of intrigue: tracking missing people, tailing spouses, vetting job applicants, spying on corporations and more. When Maroney showed up for work on his first day at the giant detective firm Kroll, he emailed an executive to ask where his office was, hoping to introduce himself. “You’re an investigator now,” the man replied. “Find me.”




Badass Women! 

A panel of actors and experts discuss what makes female spies so badass in this video featuring cast and footage from IFC FIlms A Call to Spy. This brief 10 minute highlight session focuses on the extraordinary stories behind four of WWII's most badass female spies, and features cast members Radhika Apte, Linus Roache, Laila Robins and Sarah Megan Thomas, plus acclaimed authors Larry Loftis and Sonia Purnell.




Edward Snowden can stop Alexa

1916 - a grandmother in Belgium knitted at The image above is of Echo Chamber – a life-size replica of the NSA whistleblower’s head designed to sit over a home voice assistant, such as an Amazon Echo, and block it from hearing you and connecting to the internet. May Safwat – lecturer at the Kingston School of Art – came up with the idea after having conversations with friends who were convinced their smart speakers were listening to them. “I see Snowden as the saint of privacy,” she says.





A secret weapon against the CIA?

One night in Moscow, CIA agent Marc Polymeropoulos's life changed forever. He says he was hit with a mysterious weapon, joining dozens of American diplomats and spies who believe they’ve been targeted with this secret device all over the world - even on U.S. soil. Now, a CIA investigation points the blame at Russia.




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