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The ultimate cyber lair

A former military facility in Germany’s Mosel region served as a hub for one of the largest organized crime operations in the World, and was a key European base for the 'dark web' - potentially responsible for more than 250,000 offences. That was until 650 police shut it down in a raid. 




Is King Faraday the top DC secret agent?

The DC Universe is full of spy agencies, both good and evil. Quorum, ARGUS, Checkmate, Leviathan, SHADE, and the DEO are just a few of the clandestine agencies that have graced the pages of DC Comics over the course of its 86-year history. But who is the greatest secret agent? Is it the legendary King Faraday?




Zombies can't run!

Widely considered as the pioneer of modern ‘zombie’ filmmaking, George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead is the definitive zombie film on which so many are based. In this interview Romero gives a fascinating insight into the secrets behind his work.




The spies next door...

In 2000, FBI agents in New York ran an unprecedented investigation into a network of Russian intelligence agents living in the United States. They blended in so seamlessly that children, friends, colleagues and even next-door neighbours had no idea they were Russian spies. In Yonkers, Russian spies Juan Lázaro and his wife, Vicky Peleaz, lived with their two children and two pet Schnauzers...




Knitting secrets of the spying kind

1916 - a grandmother in Belgium knitted at her window, watching the passing trains. As one train chugged by, she made an odd stitch in the fabric with her two needles. Another passed, and she dropped a stitch from the fabric, making an intentional hole. Later, she would hand the fabric to a soldier - a fellow spy in the Belgian resistance, working to defeat the occupying German force. Yes - knitting really was the ultimate example of everyday spycraft.





Bond on Bond Street

James Bond memorabilia including a first edition of Ian Fleming's book Moonraker and up to 200 film posters will go under hammer at auctioneer Sotheby's latest 007 auction as part of its 'Bond on Bond Street' event. Other items include a signed copy of Live and Let Die addressed to Churchill and a first edition of Casino Royale.



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