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From 007 to 355?

With No Time to Die delayed again, The 355 looks set to secure a big global audience in January. X-Men director Simon Kinberg, and star Jessica Chastain, have assembled a team of badass lady spies including Penelope Cruz, Diane Kruger and Lupita Nyong’o, to kick ass and take names. This fearsome foursome is joined by Chinese megastar Fan Bingbing to ensure global appeal. The film takes its name from Agent 355, a legendary female spy who worked with the American Patriots during the Revolutionary War.




Inside 'The Donut'

It’s called The Donut for very obvious reasons! 180 metres in diameter, this massive circular building in Cheltenham - in the glorious English countryside - houses GCHQ, the UK government’s key cybersecurity intelligence agency. It’s here that some of the country’s greatest hackers, technophiles and spooks ply their trade in espionage. Here’s a rare chance to take a look inside...




Star 'eaters' reveal their secrets

The orange ‘blob in the image above is the first ever photograph of a black hole. Amongst the most mysterious things in the universe, they gobble up stars like specks of dust. A trio of scientists has been awarded the Nobel Physics Prize on Tuesday for their research into black holes. Albert Einstein, the father of general relativity, first proposed the existence of black holes over 100 years ago!




The real ‘C’ arrives on Twitter

The brand new head of Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service (formerly MI6) - known by the codename ‘C’ - marked his first day in office by posting tweets, complete with emojis, joking that he may use the platform to recruit spies. Richard Moore, a former British ambassador to Turkey, used the verified Twitter account @ChiefMI6 to say how proud he was to take up the post!




The secret to military success? Sleep... 

The US Army has worked out what most of us already knew - napping is good! The recommendation is part of an overhaul of the Army’s fitness protocol (now called the Holistic Health & Fitness Manual). No longer is the guide focused entirely on physical challenges like long marches and pull-ups: it now has chapters on setting goals, visualizing success, ‘spiritual readiness’ and, yes, the fine art of napping :)





Going Underground

Millions of miles of secret cables and telecommunications tunnels underneath London have recently been confirmed to exist. This mysterious Cold War-era infrastructure has been the subject of fascinating rumours for decades but, until recently, British authorities remained conspicuously secretive about them.



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