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Over the course of 90-120 minutes you'll go on an interactive journey into the real world of spies and secrets. You'll face authentic challenges designed by a former Head of Training at MI6. After seven immersive zones of unrivalled edutainment you'll uncover your own spy superpowers, and see how they compare to real and fictional spies.

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Our high-tech museum showcases extraordinary gadgets with stories and experiences that bring them to life. From Enigma machines and a U2 spy plane camera to Edward Snowden's telepresence robot, micro-bugging devices and the virus the US & Israel used to attack Iran's nuclear program. Designed by architecture gold medalist Sir David Adjaye, many visitors say it's the best museum ever!



We worked with a former Head of Training at British Intelligence (MI6) and top psychologists to develop an authentic methodology and algorithm to uncover your personality, attributes, skills and potential. You'll get 40 pages of detailed, personalized, results to inspire you. Everyone has superpowers!  A small part of our program is available online for $29.95 but the whole program is included FREE for visitors to SPYSCAPE HQ.


Top scientists are missing and the world is in upheaval. Your Batman x SPYSCAPE adventure plays out in the physical world enhanced by a mobile app. You'll be the central character in the action as you develop your detective skills gathering intel and communicating in real time with some of Gotham City’s regulars.


New York’s #1 rated museum & experience


Plan Your Visit

New York City
928 8th Ave, New York
NY 10019, USA
Opening Hours

11:00 AM - 7:00 PM

11:00 AM - 8:00 PM

LAST ENTRY 90 minutes before closing

Visit Info
A must see in NYC if you enjoy espionage - it is the best one I have experienced.
Jeffrey, TripAdvisor
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A must see in NYC if you enjoy espionage - it is the best one I have experienced.
Jeffrey, TripAdvisor
Gasping at how much the information is almost too relevant for our times. Amazing.
Madeline Pan
Went in a sceptic. Left exhilarated. Mind-blown. Best. Hangout. Ever!
Trophy_v, Instagram
So much fun and cooler than I expected!! Took my 13 year old and we had a blast!
Had a great time at SPYSCAPE. You actively engage in and take a deep dive into the world of espionage!
Dapo Ibrahim
The exhibits were exciting and interesting! I really liked the aspect of stepping into a spy’s shoes and seeing how it impacts our world.
Aaron Hollingsworth-Harris
Not only did I learn something of the history of spies, I learned about myself!
TravellersPT, TripAdvisor
What an excellent and exciting experience. They really put a lot of thought and effort into making it enjoyable for everyone.
Karcs B
Highly recommend it if you're looking for something new with interactive games.
Bushra, Yelp
My son is totally into all things spies and gadgets and I was too after visiting here!
Lee Ann, TripAdvisor
It was AWESOME! If you’re into the world of espionage then this is your spot!
Emily Polanco
By far the coolest and most interactive museum I have been to in NYC!
Viren, Yelp
Such a unique, interactive and enjoyable place! Learn about spies and get to participate in challenges to see what YOU are like as a spy.
Ashleigh McNew