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"an entirely new model for a museum, informed by technology and designed to prioritize experience."
- Architectural Digest

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In Encryption you'll meet the Cryptologists who shortened WWII by cracking the German Enigma machine. You'll find original Enigmas and tap out messages on a perfect replica. You'll explore real code books and code-breaking devices, and discover how encryption affects you today.

“Wonderfully creative, interactive, and stimulating”
General David Petraeus (US Army, Ret.) Former Director of the CIA


In Deception you'll meet the FBI Agent who sold secrets to the Russians for 22 years, and the man who caught him! You'll encounter cunning devices the CIA used to deceive foreign governments. You'll explore high-tech lie-detection machines, and see how deception surrounds us today.

"In a timely way, Spyscape shows us what we know, but choose to ignore: that espionage and spying are not only the stuff of extraordinary tales or specialists’ tools. All 10-year-olds are spymasters now. “
- The New York Times


In Surveillance you'll meet the female journalists who used their spy superpowers to free 2,000 slaves. You'll find gadgets that let anyone run a personal surveillance mission. You'll explore how governments and corporations use data surveillance on all of us and what that might cost you.

"A modern twist on introducing people to the world of espionage. From governments’ mass collection of their citizen’s mobile data, to social media companies sharing details about their billions of users, to advertisers tracking us with cookies."
- Forbes


In Hacking you'll meet the teenager who broke into the CIA, and come face to face with the signatures behind Anonymous. You'll find the devices hackers use to break into corporations. You'll see how todays hacking groups are trying to change our political landscapes for good and evil.

“Visitors can hear lots of real-life spy stories from the Enigma code-breakers to the teenager who hacked the CIA’s website.”
Lonely Planet


In Cyber-Warfare you'll find the Stuxnet virus the US and Israel used to sabotage Iran’s nuclear program. You'll also explore the dark side of the Internet: phishing, DDoS attacks and backdoor vulnerabilities, and the role they play in contemporary cyber operations.

“The future of museum experiences... espionage in a total design environment... one of the most thoroughly designed experiences I have encountered”

Special Ops

In Special Ops you'll meet the original “Q”, who inspired the James Bond character, and see some of his ingenious gadgets - and meet the brave women who parachuted behind enemy lines to put his devices to the test. You'll encounter exploding rats, pen daggers, flashlight grenades, suitcase radios and folding motorcycles, that fuelled the imagination of storytellers for decades.

“One of the hottest new attractions in New York. Participants will build skills in critical thinking, leadership, creativity, and agility (during the laser-dodging portion, that is!).”
City Guide


In Intelligence you'll meet the "spy who saved the world” and the movie-star handsome Russian submarine Captain who refused to fire Nuclear missiles at the USA. You'll find a spy camera from the U2 spy plane, and the first pressurised flight-suit, alongside miniature cameras and equipment from both sides of the Cold War. You'll explore the motivations of spies and the massive difference that good intelligence can make.

“You won't just be learning about the in's and out's of the spy world—you can explore how the traits you have could make you a spymaster.”

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Over the course of 90-120 minutes you'll go on an interactive journey into the real world of spies and secrets. You'll face authentic challenges designed by a former Head of Training at MI6. After seven immersive zones of unrivalled edutainment you'll uncover your own spy superpowers, and see how they compare to real and fictional spies.

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