Rubik's cube secret storage

Much more than just a brain trainer, the Rubik's cube is a very subtle spy device. Read on to find out how you can unlock the cube's potential.

Items required:

  1. Rubik’s cube
  2. Knife (optional)
  3. Tape or glue (optional)

It’s easy to hide multiple small objects in certain Rubik’s cubes. Edward Snowden knows that. A big fan of the Rubik's cube, he won’t confirm or deny whether he used one to smuggle memory cards full of top secret documents out of an NSA facility in Hawaii.

We’re going to use the Dayan ZhanChi speed cube, which is excellent both for solving and for hiding things—it’s extremely cheap and has been used by world-record-holding Cubers.

This cube is so beautifully constructed that you can take entire cuboids in and out of place in seconds. Choose a cuboid and pull it away from the cube—it will come away quite easily. Then open it up down the middle. To do this you can use your fingers, but it may be easier to pry it open gently by sliding a thin knife along the center of the plastic. Now place your secret item within and bring the two halves of the cuboid back together again. Click it back into the cube and you’re all set. If you intend to solve the cube after modifying it, make sure you tape or glue your item to the inside of your chosen cuboid so as to avoid suspicious rattling sounds.

rubik's cube

This article is part of our spy museum series on stealthy ways to secrete your secrets. If you have an idea for a great everyday hiding spot, send it to us at We’ll feature the best on our website later in the series.