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Your SPY Profile Explained

How can exploring your own spy skills at SPYSCAPE inspire you to do extraordinary things?

Spy glossary

Discover the difference between blowback and playback, dead drop and dangle, mole and microdot.

Hacking glossary

Cut through all the jargon and get to the heart of what’s really going on in the murky world of hacking.

Holly Graceful - Ethical hacker

Holly is a skilled penetration tester who breaks into computers for a living. Find out what she does and why she loves it.

Rubik's cube secret storage

Jake hacked the CIA's website - here he explains how to hack a Rubik's cube to create a secret compartment.

Top 10 Online Safety Tips

We asked top hackers and spymasters to reveal the inside scoop on how they protect themselves online.

SPYSCAPE On Passwords

Computers are better at breaking passwords. They're also better at making them. How to secure yourself properly.

Penetration Testing 101

Penetration testing is a method used by skilled ethical hackers to test the security measures of computer systems.

Tap Into Your Inner Spy with Spy Museum Tickets

Each spy has their own modus operandi. It's time to find yours. When you visit SPYSCAPE, you'll learn which spy role fits you best.

Ransomware 101

Ransomware has quickly become the computer virus of choice for criminals looking for quick cash. How can we stop it?

Thomas Maier -- Author of "Mafia Spies"

Explore a world of lies, deceit, and mafia intrigue with the author of our first Spy Book Club selection.

Enjoy a teaser chapter from our first ever Spy Book Club selection.